Payment Methods:

Enterprise Bullion accepts payment in the form of business checks, personal checks, credit cards, bank wires, and ACH in U.S. Dollars. Cash and money orders are not accepted.

We recommend paying bank wire for fastest processing.   Orders placed by check will be subject to a 7-10 business day processing period. Your order will typically ship within one business day after your funds have been fully processed for in stock purchases.

The chart below explains important information for each payment option.

Payment Type

Order Minimum

Order Maximum

Payment Due

Credit Card $0 $2,500 Same Day
Personal /Cashier’s/Business Check $0 $50,000 5 Business Days
ACH $0 $50,000 5 Business Days
Bank Wire $0 $100,000 2 Business Days

Click here to view our Wiring and ACH Instruction